German Global Massage Championship

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A logo for the German Global Message Championship
A logo for the German Global Message Championship

This event is hosted by the German Global Massage Championship organization and features multiple categories of massage styles. Entrants can participate in one or two categories.

The following categories are possible: Thai massage, Wellness Massage, Western Massage, Eastern / Inspired Massage, Western / Inspired Massage, Chair Massage and Facial Massage.

About us

German Global Massage Championship hosts annual massage championships in Germany for both western and eastern styles.

The German Global Massage Championship has a rich history of bringing together massage enthusiasts from around the world. We are proud to host this event and showcase some of the best massage talent from around the globe.

We believe that massage is an art form that has been practiced for centuries. Our championship features a variety of massage styles that have been developed over time. We encourage you to learn more about these styles and their history.

Join us in celebrating the art of massage and compete for the championship title.